About Meg Adams

I’m Meg Adams, a proud working mama with two kids and the most detail-oriented, hunky husband around. By day, I teach at a small liberal arts university. At night, I read, write, and hug my babies as well as enjoy the occasional glass (or bottle) of wine.


Anne Shirley is my hero and one of my greatest regrets in life is not inheriting my Grampy’s bright red hair (although I did get his stubbornness). Nothing excites me more than a fresh cup of coffee and a sunrise.


I grew up in the city, but now live in a century-old farmhouse with 2.5 acres and chickens. I strive to become a better steward of this little piece of land and to love the Lord and the world with all my heart.

Homeplace Creative


The day we moved into our house, we were greeted by a rogue chicken left behind by previous owners and a family of mice that invaded the kitchen. No joke, I dug into a bag of crackers to find shriveled pieces of paper and droppings in the cupboard. Did I mention my husband was on a 10 day business trip? After learning how to properly clean up mouse poop and set effective traps (thanks, Dad!), I quickly realized that living beyond city limits might not be as quaint as all those Better Home and Garden- type magazines make it out to be.


In my naive dreams, I imagined living beyond city limits meant eating fresh veggies grown in the backyard and chasing cuddly animals all day. What I discovered was that it involves a lot of dirt under your nails and a steep learning curve. Most days I persist because of stubborn ambition (see comment above about red-headed Grandpa) and blind faith.


I’ve created this website to share what I’m learning and create a space for women like me -- those focused on challenging what we know, inspiring those around us, and becoming better stewards of our homeplaces by filling them with all the love and joy we drum up each and every day.

Homeplace Creative

My husband and I work to produce media with Homeplace Creative. Homeplace Creative exists to give people the knowledge and tools to connect with one another. We do this by creating media, knowledge, and inspiration to help everyone learn the value of telling and sharing a story.


We believe that stories help humans to connect to one another and drive empathy. They provide opportunities to grow with people in community.