Mornings are Magical

There are a ton of resources out there about the importance of morning routines and how to get a routine set. This resource is one to inspire you to start the practice if only to inspire a bit more magic and hope in your day.

I used to be a night owl. Yes, in college I would be out with friends, up studying, or sometimes just reading a book until the wee hours of the morning. One time, I remember being at the gym at 11 PM! Just writing that sentence made me feel sorry for my old self. The earliest I had to wake up for classes in college was 9 AM, and I have always had lots of energy, so I made it through fairly unscathed. Fast forward 13 years, I wake up every morning before the sun, get my passion projects completed and hit the sack by 9 PM, actually yesterday I fell asleep on the couch before 9 PM.

But here’s what’s magical about the morning – you get to see this amazing natural feat, the sunrise.

When the weather’s nice, I’ll wrap a blanket around my shoulders and watch it slowly pop up over the cornfields, past the edges of large maple tree with one felled branch while sipping my coffee. It’s breathtaking, every single day. It’s also absolutely one of the tiny actions I can take anytime, anywhere to bring me joy. Because the sunrise is another reminder that today is a new day, as my girl Anne (of Green Gables) learned from her teacher Miss Shirley, there are no mistakes yet in today. From where I sit, today is another chance to be better, love deeper, give more, laugh, and love. From wherever you are (even in quarantine), these things are possible. Whatever the world throws at you or is throwing at you – the sunrise is a spectacle you can relish in for no cost (except maybe sleep).

The other thing I appreciate in is the morning is digging into my Bible, but whatever your beliefs, connecting to spirituality is an awesome way to ground your attitude for the day. For those like me who are a bit of a bleeding heart and wound kind-of tight, it takes effort to show up for those we love and to stay calm(er) during the chaos of each day. Having the right mindset and perspective is everything, a little reading and meditation can set you up for success.

Then, I absolutely suggest that you take some time to do something for yourself. In trying times, it's especially important to take care of yourself, especially if you are taking care of others. I inch forward on the projects I love, like writing a book or these blogs. I’ll also sometimes use the time to take an online class and learn a new skill. I believe that when you keep learning, keeping following your dreams, you fill yourself up enough to pour out into others. So, if I accomplish these goals in the morning and the rest of the day goes to crap, I can shrug it a lot easier.

I still have not reached the point in my morning journey where I want to work out – ha! I know most people say it’s a super awesome way to start the day, but I just love the peace of moving slow, of letting my mind wander without worry of what’s coming next for just a little while. I also really enjoy sitting with the quiet knowledge that today is a new day, a chance to inch closer to the woman I aim to be.

Yesterday, I saw a baby bunny inch herself right up to the patio window and terrorize our poor cat. I also put a bird feeder next to the window, so I can listen to the birds. Every once and a while a cardinal graces me with its presence. I like to imagine it’s my Grandpa dropping to check in on us. (Yes, you read correctly, I've already skipped past middle age and already installed a bird feed beside my window).