The Homeplace Challenge - End the Last 90 Days of the Year Strong

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Typically, we start making our new year's resolutions on January 1st. There's something about the beginning of the new year, of starting fresh that appeals to human beings and prompts us to action. BUT, why should we wait until a new year to start fresh when we can start today? Because moving forward with momentum matters.

Think about it, we typically give up at the end of the year and become the most negative versions of ourselves. We don't eat as well. We face difficult, toxic, or strained family and relationships. We beat ourselves up for not reaching those audacious goals we set back in January - those are just a few of the reasons we set ourselves up to fail at the end of the year.

One of my favorite quotes from my favorite book of all time comes courtesy of a famous red-headed orphan named Anne, who said, " “Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Yes, yes it is - every single day that you and I wake up and breathe in is a chance to change our behaviors, to grow closer to who we were put on this Earth to be. So why not start NOW, yes right now. We certainly don't need to wait until January to start working towards better versions of ourselves!

Last year, I took part in a #last90days challenge with Rachel and Dave Hollis and it was awesome! Basically, the challenge organized people on social media to do five things (daily gratitude, drink water, work out, wake up an hour earlier and give up one bad food category). One of the best things about the experience was doing it with a community of other people and sticking with the plan for the rest of the year. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so imagine the changes you can make by setting small daily goals and achieving them in the LAST 90 days of the year? As Rachel Hollis often says, these habits become who you are! Participating in the #last90days challenge last year kept me motivated and helped me create some basic good habits that I am still building on in major ways now.

So, because Kyle and I come on social media and create content to serve and build our community, we thought it would fun to create our own end of the year challenge to take part in with our friends and followers. In devising the habits we want to grow into, we thought about the goals and values we share that will likely resonate with you all as we work together to show up for our families and communities in real and impactful ways.

Okay, so here it is:

1.) Be kind - serve others. This habit can take on numerous forms and seems super simple, but is something we want to challenge ourselves to do more. Kyle interpreted this part of the challenge as pursuing one random act of kindness per week. I think of it more as being kind each and every day and documenting that kindness to hold myself accountable and share ideas with others. We're excited to see how you serve and share kindness with others!

2.) Give up something that's bad for you. Again, this one is up for interpretation, but Kyle and I both are choosing to use this to focus on developing healthier habits. Kyle is going to give up snacking at night and I am giving up my emotional eating crutch and love - sweets. This challenge will be difficult for me, but I don't like that I often turn to sugary treats to get me through a bad day or to reward myself, that's a unhealthy habit I want to break.

3.) Be positive. Kyle and I both have become self-aware of our ability to spiral into the negative quickly. We don't like that we speak negatively TO ourselves and ABOUT others, it doesn't serve anyone and keeps us from focusing on what's important. So, that means NO negative talk whatsoever or at least that's what we're shooting for. Recently we had the humbling opportunity to interview and tell the stories of folks in nursing homes and guess what advice keeps popping up over and over? Stay positive - it will change you life! So there you go! We'll keep you updated with tips and tricks about how to implement this habit as well.

4.) Learn a new skill. We believe in education and that learning and challenging ourselves will speed us along in our journey to become better people. I recently learned that I have osteopenia (weak bones) and I also get kidney stones, so I can't take calcium supplements. Back in June, my doctor told me the best thing I could do to strengthen my bones is to lift weights. But I have not made that a priority, so I'd like to dedicate time in these last 90 days of the year to learn this skill and put it into practice. Kyle wants to learn to play the guitar, something he's wanted to do for a few years! What skill have you been telling yourself you'll learn? Time to start doing it!

Want to hear more about what we're doing and why we're doing it? Check out a podcast we recorded to explain more: