I had a killer internship in college. I worked almost 30 hours a week writing on the main page of an international media company. When I graduated, my Dad asked me about all that money I saved. Oops, all that cash went to the outdoor mall close to campus. Looking back, I am disappointed in my immature, vain self for spending so much money on clothes. I've also learned a lot about the abuses of the fashion industry (listen here or read here for this evidence); it's pretty awful when you know about it. So I've challenged myself to only purchase clothes from brands that treat everyone up the line (from garment workers to distributors) in a moral, ethical manner.  Because of environmental concerns (read more here), I also only shop at second-hand stores. And of course, I support my gals who own small boutiques wherever I go! I hope you like my styling tips and that they inspire you to change the fashion industry in small ways.